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Studio Sol

Studio Sol is a curatorial space presenting exhibitions in my home in Reykjavik’s artist-inhabited community in the warehouse district in Höfðabakki. Stúdíó Sól will showcase the artistic and cultural talent and beauty of Reykjavik and its unique artistic expression. This attention to experimentation, innovation, and the unorthodox is its focus and mission statement, a playground for artists to attempt something new, fearless of the consequences, to see what can be, and what can be created. Stúdíó Sól will exhibit contemporary, experimental, and performance art, with a specific focus on newly emerging artists and talent in Reykjavik´s art world, to provide an opportunity and locus for curators, artists, and collectors to connect and engage in artistic dialogue and expression. We will focus on the diversity of voices in Reykjavík, and the common thread that they weave together.

Curated Exhibitions: 

A Chihuahua is a dog and pluto is a planet, Arnar Ásgeirsson. Studio Sol. 2019. 

Dream Island Publication, Art Lab Gnesta Launch Event and Exhibition, Sweden, 2019. 

& Again It Descends to the Earth. Kathy Clark. Studio Sol. 2019. 

Circumspection. Claudia Hausfeld. Studio Sol. 2018. 

Native. Nina Zurier. Studio Sol. Reykjavik, 2018. 

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