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Quite the Situation

sound and video installation by sound artist Inki

Reykjavík Arts Festival, June 2021 

Curated by Daria Sol Andrews

This book is not a book. This book is a musical composition. It is designed like a composer writes music. The piece is quite at first but as more voices start to play it becomes louder. It plays a familiar tune that has sounded through centuries and questions our current conversation about female sexuality.

Quite the Situation is composed of three elements – this book work, an album release , and an installation, premiered at The Reykjavik Arts Festival. They fold into one another, creating a three dimensional story, tied together with the strings of time and yet unbound by it.

The book work is in English & Icelandic, and contains augmented reality where the sentences start to flow over the pages. The material for Quite the Situation is drawn from articles written by Icelanders between 1940 and 1945 about Icelandic women‘s relationship with US/UK soldiers.

It‘s a conversation about the present, using the language of the past.

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