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Silent Spring

Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

In Silent Spring, Lilja Birgisdóttir, Hertta Kiiski, and Katrín Elvarsdóttir invoke a tender, coaching warmth towards environments neglected and at the brink of loss. By focusing in on the beauty in the found, in the renewed, they hope to awaken an urgent appreciation for the delicate state our deteriorating world is in. Working in the face of climate change, these three artists employ the photographic medium and a sculptural, sensory focus to environments which call for a nurturing attention. 

Lilja, Hertta, and Katrín work in collaboration and yet singularly, their thought-processes distinct yet subtly intertwined. Using elements of smell, sound, and physicality, the exhibition space is experienced in a fully sensory fashion, connecting us to our natural environment, colorful and alive. These three artists awaken an attention to the implications of our wasteful practices. We are offered a space to recharge, reconnect, and actively contemplate potentials for change within all aspects of our own waste production. Through these elements, Silent Spring inspires a refreshed joy in that which is already, in the foundness of things, in the environments we have, and the beauty therein. 

The exhibition is a part of the programme of The Icelandic Photo Festival.

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